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Take a look at our current new construction and remodel projects and see what our clients have to say. Check back frequently to browse some of our newest developments, or get some ideas for your next project.

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New Construction

Our custom homes are built with our clients vision in mind. From concept to development, the creation of Mark Anello Construction homes have exceeded the expectations of our clients. Take a look for yourself!

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Pools & Outdoor Living

More and more families are enjoying outdoor living and it is becoming a bigger part of a home.  We can provide great ideas and concepts for your home.

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Extensive Remodel work performed for our clients have created wonderfully updated homes that families can enjoy for years to come.

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We HIGHLY recommend Mark!

Dear Potential Ground-Up or Remodel Owner –

We used MARK ANELLO to complete our “down to the studs” remodel of our modern home in North Manhattan Beach. The quality of Mark’s work was outstanding and he pays attention to the details. But more than that, we felt like we could trust Mark implicitly, every step of the way. He told us what he was going to do and then delivered against it.

In addition, Mark is a truly outstanding problem solver. There were numerous examples of when there was a speed bump in the process and Mark managed to “think” his way over, around or through the problem.

We also found Mark to be extremely effective at working with the city. When we started the process we thought the city might require us to put fire safety sprinklers throughout our house – an expensive eye-sore. Mark went directly to the fire department and managed to get them to approve just adding them in the garage – saving us more than $10k and sparing us from having to look at sprinklers on our ceilings every day.

On the issue of money, we came to trust Mark completely. When he said something was going to cost a certain amount, he managed to bring it in for that amount. And in terms of the overall price tag, Mark was not the cheapest bid we received, but we believe he was the best

We HIGHLY recommend Mark!

Please don’t hesitate to call if there are any question or you would like additional information.


Scott Vila

Amazing Contractor

I tell my husband I love my house between 2 and 10 times a week. Mark is an amazing contractor!

Keith & Jeanne Gardner
3rd St, Manhattan Beach Hill Section

Jeannie Gardner
Creativity and Professionalism

We cannot say enough about Mark Anello Construction. This was our first time ever doing a remodel and it is a little intimidating. Mark really was good at breaking it down step by step and keeping the project on track. Mark was able to keep my vision at the forefront while always making sure we were being practical and staying on budget. To take a project from paper to reality is more difficult than one imagines…but Mark’s creativity and professionalism enabled us to get what we wanted. We love our new house and we are still great friends with the Anello’s…Thanks Mark…you are the best!!

Monica and Rob Lucenti
Flournory Rd, Manhattan Beach Tree Section

Monica Lucenti
Eye for Design

Building our house with Mark Anello was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. Building a house does not have to be painful. Working with Mark makes it so much easier because he is so hands on and has a great eye for design. He knows how to keep your project moving along and will get the project done on time. We love our house and would never build with anyone else. He is personable and honest. Someday we hope to build again and would never do it without Mark.

Dennis and Kari Doody
24th St, Hermosa Valley Area

Kari Doody
Trust and Faith

Mark Anello has built two homes for my family and the level of trust and faith I have in him to manage a project and collect competitive bids from quality tradesmen is without limits. Most of all, Mark has the eye, experience and foresight to see problems before it is too late and make quality corrections that add beauty and value to the home.

To take that point one step further. Our confidence in Mark is so great that we lived in Spain during the construction of our second home and Mark handled everything without a glitch.

We consider ourselves lucky to have encountered Mark and will not hesitate to hire him again,

Sincerely, Mike and Patty Dodd
26th St & Oak Ave, Manhattan Beach Tree Section

Mike Dodd

About Us

For 25 years, we’ve built some of the finest single family residences in Southern California as well as custom home remodels with the quality our customers have come to expect.

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